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One of our primary goals is to provide an experienced and objective perspective on the seemingly simple to even the most complex real estate challenges in order to help you choose the best options and communicate them to your team, partners and lenders.  The first step is determining if you as a client actually need an appraisal to help answer your real estate questions.  Many times it will be discovered that the standard 100± page narrative “MAI” style appraisal is far in excess of what is required to assist you in your decision making process.  In 2006, the Appraisal Foundation adopted “Scope of Work” guidelines, which provide the appraiser with broad flexibility in defining how an appraisal assignment can be credibly completed.  This change benefited the client who needs an assignment tailored to their specific needs.  For 2014-2015, the Foundation has adopted new rules eliminating the Summary and Self-Contained Report formats as well as Restricted Use Appraisals in favor of two options - an Appraisal Report or a Restricted Appraisal Report, giving even greater discretion o the appraiser and their client. 

With more than 60 years of combined experience valuing local property, our firm has found that the primary concern of nearly all clients is the cost of an appraisal.  While fees do not relate to the value conclusion, they are directly related to the time required to solve the client’s valuation question.  As such, our expertise starts with the definition of the problem (Scope of Work), which may be merely consultation on an hourly basis.  Other options include multiple phased assignments that can stop at various levels when the question is answered.  As an example, it is common for a client to need “preliminary” or “threshold” value estimates to determine if there is a need to proceed.  

Our firm appraises a full range of property types for a wide range of clients.  Estimating value, determining market demand and financial feasibility requires a blend of up to date market information, expertise and sound judgement. Stephen Brown Associates, Inc. can help you determine the appropriate report option and, more importantly, the Scope of Work for your specific property, while providing the highest professional standards.  We would be happy to discuss your needs and guide you to what we judge to be best and most cost effective way to assist you in your valuation and appraisal needs.

Partial Listing of Appraisal Clients



Ansel Adams

Toland Doud Estate

Michael S. Tonti

Robert House, Esq.

Andy Swartz, Esq.

Gregory Chilton, Esq.

Robert Rosenthal, Esq.

Ernest Lavorini Estate

Walter and Gaston Georis

Eastwood, Bernstein, Eastwood

Ausonio Family Trust

Harrod Homes – Ray Harrod

Paul Johnson, Jr.

Tony Sammut- Sammut Brothers

Brandon & Tibbs Accounts

Jim Gattis

George S. Kelly Family Trust

Leidig Draper Trust

Paul and Betty Thysen Trust

Barnet Segal Charitable Trust


County of Monterey

RaboBank  (Community Bank)

City of Gonzales

California First Bank

City of Monterey

Greenfield Union School District

City of Sand City

Beacon Oil Company

City of Seaside


City of Salinas

Chevron, USA

City of Soledad

Taco Bell, Inc.

Hartnell College 


Housing Authority of Monterey County

Bank of America Trust Dept.

Stone & Youngberg

Monterey-Salinas Transit District

Miller, Starr & Regalia

Noland, Hamersley, Etienne & Hoss



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